Preventive Health Package for pets

Preventive Health Package for pets

Dog Preventive Health Care Package The cost of pet care is also increasing like high rise in Human Health care. In preventive care more costly health problems can be avoided by regular checkups. Affordable Preventive Healthcare

Packages for Pets 6 months to 5 Years of age and Old Senior pets  can be tailored for yearly Subscription Basis but at a discount with Full Annual Prepayment. You will have the option of either renewing for another 12 months for the same pet or even to cancel after one year. Many of our customers appreciate and like our “Puppy Package” for pets up to 6 months of age and we will be very glad to enroll them for these Preventive Health Care Packages with further discount.

These packages will include some of the services rendered to their pets as outlined below. The services will only be provided at our hospital on scheduled appointment basis by calling at: 562-630-2082

Physical Examination: 2 Every 6 months Office visits Appointments,  2 Complete Physical Examinations, 2 Ear examinations with Microscopic exam for ear Mites and Wipe/Cleaning, 2  Dental health exams (except when pets bites), 2 Exams of anal glands area and Expression (if they need).

Dietary and  Management:   2  Consultation on Feeding/diet, Food Allergy, Weight Managment, and Behavior

Vaccination: Annual Distemper,  Adeno and Parainfluenza , Parvo , Bordetella , Leptospirosis,  Corona,  Rabies at 1 year

Parasites Prevention: 2  Intestinal parasite Fecal flotation examinations under Microscope, 2  De-wormings for common Roundworms, Hookworms and Tapeworms,

3  External Fleas and Ticks Controls Free with Purchase of 9 Months’ Supply

Microchip Identification:  1  Microchip implant Including Registration

Nails and Hair Coat Checks: 3  Nails trims included ( with 50 % discount on Tranquilizer if pet needs and does not allow nail trim)

Heart worms Prevention: 1  Blood test for Heart worms,  6  Months Pack Free supply of Heart gard Plus heart worm preventive if you buy 6 Months Pack of Heart gard Plus.

Please make appointment for examination to Customize an Affordable Preventive Yearly Package Option for your pet within your budget