1. Fleas and Tick medications: *
FrontlinePlus: For dogs and cats Buy 3 Doses and Get 1 Dose Free**.
Comfortis: Have pets immediate relief from flea bite with this flavored Pill and

Get up to  $50 Rebate from Elanco**.
Vectra: Both dogs and cats, very fast acting Flea Medication Buy 6 Doses and Get 3 Doses Free or Buy 3 Doses and Get 1 Dose Free**.
NexGard: A fast acting 
Flea and Tick Treat for Dogs only, Buy 6 Doses and Get 2 Doses Free or Buy 3 Doses and Get 1 Dose Free**.

Revolution: For fleas, roundworm, hookworms, heart worm prevention and scabies, Buy 6 Doses and Get 1  Dose Free or Buy 10 Doses and Get 3 Doses Free**.

Bravecto: A newer medication pill to kill fleas and ticks, single dose good for 3 months. Get a coupon for $15 or $35  

*For our Patients which are Current in our Files to receive offer ** Get Free goods on purchase or Coupon in our office

 2. Limited Time Only: $25.00 instant discount on any service of $125 or more, or a $35 credit towards a future visit when you spend $200 or more.
3. Puppy and Kitten Packages: These are the Best and the Most Affordable Package values to start a Complete 
Health Program for Your Puppy or Kitten.
4. Seniors and Service Clubs Members Discount: Courtesy discount for Seniors and Community Service Club 
members, for Professional Services only.
5. Low Cost Vaccines Clinic:  Affordable preventive health care Clinics on: Saturdays from 11:00 am-2:00 pm Please call for an appointment to prevent overcrowding and ask for Worms treatment at the Time of Vaccination. 
All Dogs must be on Leashes and Cats in Pet Carriers to control and confine them to prevent any injury to anyone.
6. Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic: Affordable (emphasizing best anesthesia with monitoring, intravenous fluids and pain free) Low Cost Spay and Neuter surgeries, offered and Scheduled on Wednesdays. Please call for an appointment for an Examination of your pet before scheduling surgery to make sure there is no apparent health problem. We Never Compromise on our Anesthesia.

Another Recent Offer: Get $15 off Coupon (till gone) on Purina Natural EN . Call for Info: 562-630-2082



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